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Mouth Breather

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Matthew LeGrice "Independent Graphic Designer"—

The rotating man pictured above was established in Colorado (©1986) by two wonderfully passionate & supportive humans.


Further reading —

The immediately aforementioned male enjoys working with clients all of all sorts, but prefers those who are getting started with their business and are in need of some good ol' design lovin. He's also partially lactose intolerant, so please don't invite him to eat pizza and drink milkshakes (unless there is an alternative dairy option that won't explode his innards).  

~ * A TREAT * ~
He made Best of Craigslist once upon a time attempting to sell his car that ultimately ended up in the hands of his best friend and fellow design shaman, Eric "Wicka Wicka Wild Wild" Westerlind.

Contact —

I'm excited that you're excited. Let's get real excited together.

Reach out and touch base if you'd like to collaborate on a project
or if you just want to talk about you know... whatever.  | + 1 970 291 9113

260 Montgomery St Fl 2
Jersey City, NJ


Dem skills —

Digital Illustration
Visual Identity
Web Design
Print Production
Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Copy..ish writing

Done work for –

Ustwo Biolite
Imbibe Events 
New York Rangers  
Movement Strategy 


Welcome to New Work, USA —

Ohh, right, you want proof of my abilities then do you? 

Well, maybe you can't handle the proof --- or --- maybe you can and you just caught me in the middle of updating my site. If you're dying to see some tiny snippets of recent work that are ultimately out of context, click these words right here. That'll take you to my Dribbble site.

"Yeah well, Dribbble aint doin it for me." you say?

Here's the work of the old site for your eyes to ogle, you freak.

  Small illustration as proof of "graphic design"

Small illustration as proof of "graphic design"